Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to Who-ville!

My first post as a Mindful Warrior!

I have learned that if you stop whining and are open to listen, God or the Universe or whatever you choose to call a supreme being, will talk to you. This time the message came loud and clear courtesy of my T.V. and Gray's Anatomy. Without rehashing the episode, one character was angry over the actions of another. And she was told, instead of holding onto the anger, she should be a Who from Who-ville. It took a few minutes for her to understand. A recap: The Grinch, with a very small heart, stole all the Christmas presents in Who-ville and yet on Christmas morning, the Whos woke up with joy and a song in their hearts. And their optimism changed the Grinch! So, in the end, she could stay pissy and angry or happy and content. She chose happy and content. The operative word is choice!

Such a great lesson from the late great Dr. Seuss. So simple and yet profound. And not just limited to the holiday season. We will always be dealing with Grinches in our lives. That, we can't change. The only thing we can change is how we react to those "Grinchy" people or "Grinchy" things that happen. And that choice is always ours to make. How long it takes is also up to us. We can wallow in the grinchiness or we can choose to be a Who! So, today, now and always, I say welcome to Who-ville and toliving with Joy and Gratitude! Who wants to join me?

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  1. Call me a Who too! And can't wait to read more of your insights! Thanks for being WHO you are, an inspiration, joy, and uplifting Spirit in my life.