Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unshakable FAITH - Do you have it?

This month, the affirmation for the intenSati class I was taking with Lisa Van Ahn, talked about "unshakable FAITH." I like to think I have it, but evidence shows me that my "unshakable" FAITH has a foundation made mostly of shifting sand and not strong stone, as I would like. It is something I am working on: holding onto FAITH regardless of "evidence" to the contrary. I try to make sure I hold onto thoughts which support my vision of how I want to live my life, primarily as someone who is loving and giving. As the mother of four, that FAITH is tested constantly!

This recent work in progress has made for some interesting discussions, primarily with my son. The other morning he woke up very tired and very crabby and declared it was going to be a shitty day. I gently reminded him only if he believed it to be true, which, obviously he did. He had very strong FAITH about what horrible day it would be and nothing would deter him. So much so, that he yelled at me for my "positive mood" crap. I was also resolute in my FAITH that his attitude would not impact my day. I did as best as I could.

This example is just a garden-variety every day type of FAITH. At Lisa's class the other day, she told an incredible story of FAITH despite strong evidence to the contrary. The person she talked about was her own mother. Now, I have seen her mother at several of Lisa's classes moving and shouting with gusto. So I was truly shocked and moved to tears as Lisa told the story that her mother, Beth Pederson, had been wheelchair bound not soon after being diagnosed in with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990. That diagnosis does not usually lend itself to optimism or unshakable FAITH. But Beth never wavered in her unshakable faith that God would heal her. Nor did her community at her church. Seeing Beth in class is truly inspiring and a great testament to holding on to that "unshakable FAITH" - NO MATTER WHAT.

You can hear her incredible and miraculous story of healing here.

The date of the interview is 04/13/10

Do you have "unshakable FAITH"? And if so, FAITH in what? Because we all believe something and that something is what guides our lives, for better or worse. What type of FAITH do you choose?

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  1. Cristina,

    Wow so beautifully written! I have faith that all you desire is clearly on the way. You have a powerful voice and I can't wait to see your vision unfold in this city!