Sunday, May 30, 2010

BELIEFS - Do you know what yours really are?

Do you know what your personal BELIEFS are? I am not referring to your current view on politics or religion. While these may be important in defining who you are, I am referring to those personal BELIEFS filed deep in the recesses of your mind. They are BELIEFS like, "I'm not worthy of love" or "I'm a screw up" or enter your own here. It's possible you are not aware of these thoughts but they are there. They exist in the operating system of your mind.

Our minds work like a very powerful computer with a huge database of BELIEFS. And those are running mostly in the background and strongly influence our attitudes and our actions. When we are struggling or having difficulties in our lives, it is usually due to a conflict between what we say we want and what we actually BELIEVE. The mind does not delete anything you store in those giant filing cabinets unless you personally go in, look for those conflicting files and erase the ones that no longer serve you and what you want.

And just what is a BELIEF? It is something you BELIEVE to be true for any given length of time. The good news about this is that you can change what it is you BELIEVE. It is only true because you say so and have been saying so for a long time.

I had a good example of a hidden personal BELIEF not that long ago. I was training to teach intenSati, a very powerful mind-body-spirit practice that combines affirmations with hi-impact cardio actions and attitudes. We started the class, led by its creator, Patricia Moreno. She asked us to think about that which we wanted and I knew right away, ABUNDANCE! As we began, I kept my focus on bringing ABUNDANCE into my life and what I found is that my throat started tightening up, my eyes started tearing up and I felt the most incredible sadness. My focus started drifting away and I began wondering what the heck was going on. And from deep inside, I heard my inner voice say, "You don't deserve it." The more I tried to silence it, the louder it got. Finally, I stopped my mental battle and just gave into the sadness and despair I was feeling. I had such a hard time doing the class--it's hard to breathe when you are sobbing inside. But finish I did. We had the chance to share and I gave voice to my struggle. And that's when I realized that this BELIEF of mine was operating in the deep recesses of my mind's operating system. And it was creating conflict in my life. Somewhere, somehow I had filed away this "truth". This BELIEF was at odds with my newer one that says "I am worthy" of ABUNDANCE. I have just been thinking the old BELIEF for a lot longer. But that doesn't make it true.

So now, I am using Meditation and quiet time to delete this long held and false BELIEF.
When I hear it, I remind myself, delete! That it was I used to BELIEVE, but I don't anymore. I am worthy and deserving of ABUNDANCE in all areas of my life: LOVE, WORK, FRIENDSHIP etc. Every morning, this is what I affirm and what I choose to BELIEVE! What BELIEFS are operating in the recesses of your mind? Are you ready to hit the delete button and create a new BELIEF? The choice is yours!