Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where is your FOCUS?

So I am very new to the official and positive way, I should state. I can be a worrier. A really good one. I can work up all sorts of scenarios and what if's and work myself up into an extraordinary and powerful tizzy that not only impacts me but those around me. It has taken me awhile to realize that worry is actually a form of meditation. And if I am FOCUSING all my energy thinking negative thoughts that make me feel anxious or angry or fearful, I have the power to change what I think about and what I FOCUS on.

As part of my intenSati training, creator Patricia Moreno asked us to spend 30 days meditating, using Wayne Dyer's Meditations for Manifesting as a model. I dutifully set my alarm to make sure I could do at least 10 minutes every morning. With a houseful of kids and family, it is not always easy to find time or space to quiet my FOCUS. Some mornings, my meditation would take place in my walk-in closet with my iPhone! But I kept at it because it did not take long for me to realize what an incredible tool Patricia had recommended. Breathing and saying the sacred "Aaaahhhh" sound for even just ten minutes every morning has done a lot for my mind and me.

The practice of intenSati and meditation has help me to dramatically change my FOCUS. As the current intenSati series says, "Today, I choose, what I want to see. I FOCUS on the best and leave the rest." By choosing to FOCUS on the best in any given moment, my life is filled with more peace and joy than I thought possible, especially while I am going through a divorce. I choose not to dwell on sadness or anger or blame, but rather on gratitude, love and the strong belief that I am right where I need to be and I am responsible for every moment leading up to this place and time in my life. I need not worry about the future. Instead, I choose to FOCUS on today, this very moment.

I choose


On the good

I desire

I am grateful

I have faith

What I want

Is on it's way

"Today I Choose" intenSati series

Where is your FOCUS? What changes can you make in your life so that you can design the life you want and DESIRE?

Mindfully yours,
Cristina for more information on intenSati

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  1. LOVE it! Today my focus is peace...thanks for the inspiring words.